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10 Cryptopreneurs Influencing Blockchain's Mainstream Adoption

These business leads are blazing a trail for the technology's future.

GUEST WRITER Entrepreneur, Freelance Writer

Given that blockchain is a revolutionary technology, its mainstream penetration is inevitable. In 2015, a key study showed that no fewer than five million blockchain wallets existed, but in 2019, that user count has reached over 42 million. A typical yardstick to measure the success of any technology is its relevance and acceptability to users, and for the past decade, blockchain technology has not only transformed the way organizations go about their businesses, but also the way people go about their daily transactions. However, amidst all these leaps forward, its mainstream adoption stalls. While factors such as slow and expensive transactions, safety concerns and an unfriendly user interface are few of the many underlying impediments, blockchain enthusiasts shouldn’t lose hope just yet. While this list is neither organized in order of importance …

Will Blockchain Technology Be a Music Industry Savior?

By Stevan Mcgrath

In the last few years, blockchain technology has wrapped its tentacles around almost every industry imaginable, offering itself as the bandage that can patch up almost any wound. One of those industries, known for its deep and sometimes controversial wounds, is the music industry. While technology has made it much easier for music listeners who get hold of music, the industry itself is still very behind the rest of the world. This lack of development in the music industry could possibly be linked to its decline over the last two decades. However, over the last three years, the industry has shown some growth. In 2015,live music ticket sales made approximately $7.2 billion and are predicted to rise to $9.1 billion by 2021. Moreover, the industry attained a huge8.1% growth in revenue globally in 2017. With more money coming in, the music industry needs to adapt to new technology to secure itself and ensure that such a decline doesn’t repeat itself. On top of that, it i…

Blockchain Based Decentralised Cloud Computing

I want to thank my team at Eterna CapitalChandler Song (Co-Founder and CEO, Ankr Network), Dominic Tsang (Head of Business Development, Solana) for their valuable contribution. By Mattia Mrvosevic — Head of Research at Eterna Capital. Cloud computing is fuelling many of today’s internet-based applications and services, generating revenues in excess of $17 billion per quarter. How data is shared and stored, how people collaborate, and how remote applications are used represent a few examples of the use of this technology in people’s day to day lives [1, 2]. This post aims to give an overview on the current cloud computing market and risks — as perceived by senior risk executives — in the context of the growing worldwide production of data generated, among other sources, by Internet of Things. It is predicted by Cisco, in fact, that the “usable” data produced in 2021 (nearly 90% of the predicted data generated by 2021 will be ephemeral in nature and will be neither saved nor stored) is…