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UPS (United Parcel Service) interest in Blockchain

This may be old news in the Blockchain community, but worth bringing up.

United Parcel Service (UPS) is known as a bellwether when it comes to the strength or weakness of the economy in general.

It's important to note their interest in Blockchain and the patent application already filed.

Using blockchain technology to plan package routes and track them globally, as they are handled by multiple carriers.

UPS and e-commerce technology company Inxeption have jointly released a blockchain-powered platform to improve merchant supply chains in March of 2019.

The platform enables merchants to monitor the entire supply chain from product listing to delivery, ensuring that sensitive data, like contract-specific pricing and rates, are only accessible to the buyer and seller.

Competitors and customers should take note; many think blockchain is the future.

"Blockchain has multiple applications in the logistics industry, especially related to supply chains, insurance, payments, audits an…



Today's blog will be an introduction.

As we move into our second decade of Blockchain since its inception, it has certainly become more prevalent in recent years.  Many enterprise & Fortune 500 companies have invested broadly in Blockchain, and many patents have been issued.

The intention is to decentralize data across many computers so that any involved record cannot be altered retroactively, without the alteration of all subsequent blocks.  Blocks are files where data in the network are permanently recorded. 

A block is a permanent store of records, which cannot be altered or removed since they are distributed among many participants on the Blockchain network.  This is also called Distributed ledger technology (DLT); which Blockchain is a type of. 

Discussions and commentary about how Blockchain is working through the ecosystem of tech and creating opportunity are forthcoming in this blog.  We will also discuss matters of how it relates to industry, health care, commerce, a…


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