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Today's post is not necessarily about blockchain, but the power of the Internet.

Let's compare today's information surplus to just 30 years ago.
In the 1980's your main source for news was the evening news, radio, newspaper & magazines, or word of mouth.
The process of more information being available was gradual, but evolved as technology afforded the general population.

June 1, 1980; CNN was the first Cable News Network to air 24 hours a day.
It was a huge risk at the time for billionaire entrepreneur Ted Turner.

Other televison news outlets later followed suit, but nothing compare to what we have today. 

Even financial News Networks that you see today like Bloomberg didn't enter the cable television market until 1995.
But that has evolved as well.  You are not just limited to watching that station on television, you can watch it online, anywhere, for free.

Their online platform is considered one of the best, called the Bloomberg Terminal.
Available for a subscription fee. 

Other online news outlets and Twitter that can provide instant notification about anything and everything that's going on in the world, most available for free. 

Here is the point.

Since technology has changed so much in the last 30 years or so and influenced how we manage our time and resources, how much more should we see the next 30 years and its influence?
That's where blockchain comes in.
We have seen the hype recently about blockchain, as we did in the late 90's with the internet bubble and the hype associated with that.
Many promised the moon & the stars as the Internet was emerging as a mainstream tool.
But subsequently, just as that was a time that weeded out the falacies from reality, so will the emergence of blockchain and the seperation from the hype and actuality.

Be prepared for these changes, and acknowledge the push around the world for blockchain based networks.
Many ICOs and startups will fall by the wayside, just like many Internet startups in the late 90's went bankrupt without even earning a dime. 

 "Truth is stranger than fiction," Mark Twain once said.
As far as business cycles go, there is nothing new under the sun.
Just different characters, and different gadgets.


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