Blockchain is becoming a legitimate disruptor in a myriad of industries. The technology has become so promising that none other than tech giant IBM is investing more than $200 million in research. Further, more than 90% of European and US banks are researching blockchain options. The technology can revolutionize governmentfinanceinsurance and personal identity security, among hundreds of other fields.
We've rounded up 31 interesting examples of US-based companies using blockchain. While some can be categorized as fundamentally blockchain companies, others are familiar names embracing the new technology. Regardless, everyone on our list is proving blockchain an avenue for improving the future.

salt blockchain companies
SALT Lending


Industry: Fintech, Lending
Location: Denver, Colorado
What it does: SALT’s platform allows users to leverage their cryptocurrency for cash loans. Borrowers can lock into cash loans, from 1-36 months, by leveraging cryptos like Bitcoin, Ether or even Dogecoin. The company’s platform is available in a majority of US states and multiple countries and loans start at $5,000.

mythical games blockchain companies
Mythical Games


Industry: Gaming
Location: Sherman Oaks, Calif. and Seattle
What it does: Mythical Games is studio creating games and online experiences that feature true ownership of digital assets. The creation of a secondary digital economy, based on a blockchain, helps to verify scarcity and create a clean record of ownership over unique digital items. Mythical Games’ first blockchain-based game, Blankos, is scheduled for release in early 2019.

gemini blockchain companies


Industry: Fintech, Cryptocurrency, Trading
Location: New York, New York
What it does: Gemini is a digital asset exchange that allows users to buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies. The company’s platform, using blockchain for both trading and cybersecurity purposes, allows individuals and institutional investors to trade everything from Bitcoin, to Litecoin and Ether.

circle blockchain companies


Industry: Fintech
Location: Boston, Massachusetts
What it does: Circle is an online money transfer and cryptocurrency investment platform. Without exchange rate fees, friends can transfer money in different currencies with a simple text. Recently, the Boston-based company began offering investment opportunities in seven different cryptocurrencies.

celsius network blockchain companies
Celsius network


Industry: Fintech, Lending
Location: New York, New York
What it does: Like SALT, Celsius Network also allows users to leverage their crypto for cash loans. Instead of relying on traditional credit scores to determine interest rates, the company’s Loan-to-Value (LTV) Ratio reviews how much collateral a customer can offer and bases interest rates off of that number. Since June 2018, Celsius Network has done over $600 million in coin loans and has funded the largest single loan of $5 million.


opskins blockchain companies


Industry: E-Commerce, Gaming
Location: Santa Monica, California
What it does: OPSkins is an online trading platform where gamers can buy and sell virtual accessories and items. Players can purchase or sell skins, weapons and even emotes on the marketplace, spanning dozens of games, including the popular "PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds." The peer-to-peer methodology used in the technology helps gamers discovery and safely purchase virtual items from the ordinary to the very rare.

civil blockchain companies


Industry: Digital Media, Journalism
Location: Brooklyn, New York
What it does: Civil’s mission is to power sustainable journalism through blockchain. The company's CVL tokens is the software on which journalists can launch their own independently operated newsrooms. The tokens will give journalists a stake in making decisions and appealing violations of the company’s constitution. Since the journalism published is on blockchain, the stories can never be deleted or redacted to falsify information.

bloq blockchain companies


Industry: Software
Location: Chicago, Illinois
What it does: Bloq develops global blockchain ecosystems that improve business infrastructures. The software management system supports both public and private networks, while protecting even the most sensitive data from breaches.



Industry: Fintech
Location: San Francisco, California
What it does: Coinbase is a digital portfolio that lets users buy and sell cryptocurrency. The company’s technology makes buying and managing cryptos easy with features like recurring buys and vault protection. Since 2012, Coinbase has seen over $150 billion exchanged by more than 20 million people.

ripple blockchain companies


Industry: Fintech
Location: San Francisco, California
What it does: Ripple is a payment network using blockchain to transfer money all over the globe. International financial institutions like American Express, BBVA and BMO use Ripple’s platform to process and send payments on its secure blockchain network. 

tradove blockchain companies


Industry: Social Media, E-commerce
Location: Palo Alto, California
What it does: TraDove is a B2B social network connecting buyers and sellers. The company’s blockchain platform introduces the correct buyers to the correct sellers for their products, manages supply chain and acts as a communication tool for potential customers. Amazon, John Deere, Lowes and IKEA are just some of the global brands using TraDove to find the right buyers and sellers.

robinhood blockchain companies


Industry: Fintech
Location: Menlo Park, California
What it does: Robinhood is a stock brokerage app that lets users buy and sell stocks, ETFs and cryptocurrency. The fintech giant recently entered the blockchain realm by letting customers invest in everything from Bitcoin to Litecoin. With more than $500 million in funding, Robinhood is one of the major financial players currently embracing blockchain.

doc ai blockchain companies


Industry: Healthcare, Artificial Intelligence, Software
Location: Palo Alto, California
What it does: Doc.ai combines blockchain and machine learning for predictive analytics and personal health insights. The doc.ai platform combines all of a patient’s medical data from every single medical source (pharmacies, doctors visits, emergency room stay, etc.) under one secure app. The app lets patients manage all their medical data, get predictive insights about their risk for illness or disease and even compensates them for sharing their data for medical research.

learning machine blockchain companies
Learning Machine


Industry: Identity Management, Digital Traceability, Credentials
Location: New York, New York
What it does: Learning Machine, in collaboration with MIT’s media lab, created Blockcerts- an open standard for creating, issuing, viewing and storing blockchain-based certificates. Individuals can truthfully and transparently manage their identities by putting all achievements (resume, professional certifications, education history, etc.) on a real-time, secure blockchain.
In 2017, MIT used Learning Machine’s Blockcert platform to issue digital blockchain diplomas to a group of graduates.

trusttoken blockchain companies


Industry: Fintech
Location: San Francisco, California
What it does: TrustToken lets users create asset-backed tokens that can easily be bought and sold. The company’s blockchain infrastructure allows an asset to issue its own coin. For example, TrustToken permits everything from rental properties to commodities to release their own coin, resulting in fractional control and ownership over the asset.

oasis labs blockchain companies
Oasis Labs


Industry: Cloud
Location: Berkeley, California
What it does: Oasis Labs is a privacy-first, cloud computing platform running on blockchain. Oasis creates smart contracts that allow for total privacy without any corruption. Based in Berkeley, Calif., the company’s cloud computing offers a diversity of options in decentralized trust and privacy protection products.

chronicled blockchain companies


Industry: IoT, Supply Chain, Logistics
Location: San Francisco, California
What it does: Chronicled leverages blockchain-enabled IoT devices to make for a more transparent supply chain. The decentralized Chronicled ecosystem helps industries (like pharmaceutical, commodities and precious metals) track-and-trace every move their shipment takes. This way, industry officials can monitor where shipments travel and who is handling them in order to cut down on counterfeiting and boost safety precautions.

lemonade blockchain companies


Industry: Artificial Intelligence, Fintech, Insurance
Location: San Francisco, California
What it does: Lemonade combines artificial intelligence and blockchain to help users receive renters and homeowners insurance at reasonable rates. The company uses AI to create the optimal flat-fee rate for an insurance-seeker, then it’s blockchain-based smart contracts help to lock a user into a payment agreement. By using blockchain, Lemonade is able to approve insurance claims and payouts within minutes, rather than days.

high fidelity blockchain companies
High Fidelity


Industry: Software, Virtual Reality, Social Media
Location: San Francisco, California
What it does: San Francisco-based High Fidelity created an open-source platform for developing virtual environments on blockchain. The virtual worlds are designed to be a social and interactive VR experience that can host more than 100 people at once. VR users on the High Fidelity platform can hang out with other users in different virtual worlds, purchase accessories for their avatars and even attend events like a live DJ set.   

ankr network blockchain companies
Ankr Network


Industry: Cloud, Cybersecurity
Location: Berkeley, California
What it does: Ankr Network is a cloud-based blockchain infrastructure for business applications. Ankr is the first company to leverage both blockchain and hardware for cloud and data security purposes. The company has a plan to develop Proof of Useful Work (PoUW), a self-sustaining blockchain framework that unlocks the potential of idle computers. People all over the world can be compensated by performing PoUW tasks with their idle computers, which the company says can lead to a Universal Basic Income.  

ibm blockchain companies


Industry: IT, Software, Computing
Location: Armonk, New York
What it does: As mentioned earlier, IBM is the largest company in the world embracing blockchain. With over $200 million invested in research and development, the tech giant is leading the way for companies to integrate hyperledgers and the IBM cloud into their systems. IBM has already helped more than 220 businesses develop applications and data governance tools that run on blockchain.

blockchain companies roundup voatz


Industry: Cybersecurity, Government
Location: Boston, Massachusetts
What it does: Voatz is a mobile voting platform running on blockchain. A Techstars Boston 2017 cohort, Voatz makes election participation easier and more accessible by enabling voting via smartphone, while also thwarting election security risks by combining biometrics and blockchain for incorruptible, transparent election outcomes.

blockstack blockchain companies


Industry: Internet of Things, Open Source, Developer Platform
Location: New York, New York
What it does: Blockstack is an internet for decentralized apps. The Blockstack platform helps engineers build blockchain-based apps that lets developers own their own encrypted data without the need for a server. Users can join the company’s community and safely discover hundreds of blockchain apps.

Steem blockchain companies


Industry: Social Media
Location: Austin, Texas
What it does: Steem is a blockchain-based rewards platform for social media publishers looking to monetize content and grow their communities. The company’s Smart Media Token (SMT) can be launched by anyone to help monetize digital content and incentivize behavior. So far, Steem has given out more than $40 million in SMT to social media producers.

lockheed martin blockchain companies
Lockheed Martin


Industry: Aerospace, Defense
Location: Bethesda, Md.
What it does: Defense giant Lockheed Martin is currently integrating blockchain into its developmental processes. The company is using blockchain in cybersecurity methods while also looking into software utilization. Lockheed Martin is now the first US defense contractor, and one of the largest companies in the world, to embrace blockchain.

ford blockchain companies


Industry: Automotive
Location: Detroit
What it does: American automaker Ford is teaming up with Renault, BMW and General Motors to form a coalition dedicated to blockchain technology in the automotive space. The iconic company recently filed a patent that suggests the company is looking into a blockchain system where drivers can transfer other drivers cryptocurrency to maneuver around them.

omega grid blockchain companies
Omega Grid


Industry: Fintech, Cleantech
Location: Chicago
What it does: Chicago-based Omega Grid’s blockchain technology lets energy businesses, as well as individuals, manage peer-to-peer energy sales. Founded in 2017, the company is using blockchain to turn energy into a managed, profitable asset.

tokken blockchain companies


Industry: Fintech, Cannatech
Location: Denver
What it does: Tokken gives online banking privileges to previously cash-intensive industries like cannabis. The company's infusion of blockchain and online banking allows such industries to grow in a safe and traceable way. The technology helps cut down on money laundering and creates a completely transparent data ledger.

filecoin blockchain companies


Industry: Fintech
Location: San Francisco
What it does: Filecoin incentivizes individuals for using the company’s mining software on the unused cloud storage space of personal computers, hard drives and even data centers. Because data mining takes up so much storage, the company is giving miners their own Filecoins, which can be traded for US dollars, Bitcoin and Ether. By making cloud storage a commodity, Filecoin is turning blockchain technology into a competitive storage market. 

mediachain blockchain companies


Industry: Digital Media, E-commerce, Social Media
Location: NYC
What it does: Mediachain is a blockchain-based music platform that registers, identifies and tracks creative works online, ensuring the original information about content is identified. Mediachain also lets creators and developers collaborate in an open-sourced, decentralized space. Music giant Spotify recently acquired the company for undisclosed amount.

shipchain blockchain companies


Industry: Transportation, Logistics
Location: Los Angeles
What it does: ShipChain is a fully-integrated supply chain management platform using transparent blockchain contracts. The extensive logistics platform lets supply chain managers efficiently track shipments, incentivize operators for efficient routes, and view a fully-transparent shipping process. Anchored in Los Angeles, the blockchain platform has already raised $30 million in funding.

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